Two Battle Royales To Try Out

There's no doubt you've heard of the battle royale craze, but if you haven't given the genre a chance yet, newcomers like Apex Legends and Warzone are a great way to get your feet wet.

Two Battle Royales To Try Out

Gather everyone on a map, quickly decide where to drop, and make a mad dash for resources. It's kill or be killed till you're the last one standing. Rinse and repeat.

Battle royales are pure chaotic fun where everyone gets thrown into the same map to claw their way to the top, sometimes through sheer skill and sometimes through sheer luck. An ever shrinking circle of death herds the remaining players closer and closer to each other till there is at last one surviver to win it all.

For the uninitiated, here are two battle royales to make your experience as comfortable as possible.

Image Credit: Respawn

Apex Legends

Apex Legends is set in a Titanfall-inspired world and moves fast.

Smooth movement underscores the gameplay from traversing terrain to gunfights through a combination of climbing, sliding, and sprinting. The motion is clean and unbroken with plenty of abilities and zip lines to enhance the experience even further. Quick and easy to pick up, mastering movement will have you flying around the map and gaining an edge on other squads as you weave in and out of firefights.

The game focuses on 3-man squads (duos also exist) composed of various Legends that each have their own unique skillset and personalities. This makes communication key to winning using the extensive in-game ping system.

The combination of certain Legends means that play styles can change on the fly from damage soaking team fight fortresses to nimble escape artists. An extensive tiered system helps make looting satisfying and impactful to the inevitable gun fights. All with no building involved.

Respawn regularly adds content to keep the game fresh with new maps, champions, and balance tweaks to help the meta evolve. For players interested, Season 4 is coming to an end and there is no better time to jump in.


  • Smooth gameplay
  • Amazing movement
  • Emphasis on team play


  • No Solos
  • Can be hard to catch up after reviving
  • Meta of avoiding fights can be frustrating
Image Credit: Activision

Call of Duty: Warzone

Looking for something with less looting and more shooting? Look no further than Warzone, Call of Duty's newest entrant into the battle royale scene.

Warzone is a fresh, crisp shooter-focused battle royale with a whopping 150 players per game. The shrinking circle of death still remains, but Warzone offers unique twists on the genre from 1v1 duels in the Gulag dictating who gets to revive to an in-game economy to help squads purchase killstreaks or revive teammates.

The game is designed to be fast-paced and combat focused as the zone is more lethal than usual, health regeneration comes standard, and revives are simple to come by.

The zone forces players towards the center and prevents any loitering that might unnecessarily extend the game. Default health regeneration means there is no need to avoid team fights due to lack of healing resources. While the Gulag is a colosseum players are transported to after death to fight 1v1 with a randomized loadout so they can earn their life back. It makes coming back all the more satisfying and engaging.

Warzone adds many smart conveniences to make the players lives that much more enjoyable. The relaxed take on looting means that it doesn't take much to get properly geared up for a fight and if no gun meets your fancy, you can always call in a customized loadout to gear up. There is no backpack and no tiered armor to collect that can drag the game out. It's pure action.


  • Minimal looting
  • Focus on team fights
  • Getting back in after dying is easy


  • Single map
  • Killstreaks are frustrating to play against
  • Loadouts diminish the satisfaction of looting