Best Free Online Games

Bored at home? Check out our rundown of the best free online games to play this season!

Best Free Online Games
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Online gaming has become ubiquitous. Whether you play exclusively on a PC or prefer to play on your favorite consoles, chances are high that some aspect of your gaming experience is online. No matter what platform you prefer – or even if you switch between the options – we’ve got something for you. We’ve done all the work of tracking down multiple reviews and we’ve come up with a list of the very best free online games to play this season. There’s nothing for you to do except sit back, scroll down, and check out our picks!

The Best Free Online Games to Play This Season

Not in the mood to pay for your gameplay? We get it. Sometimes, you just want to try something new without investing any cash into it. Sometimes, you just don’t have the extra dough to shell out for a game. We’ve been there, we get it, and we’ve got your back. There are tons of free online games to choose from, and we’ve put together a list of all the best options we think you should try. Winter is coming and there’s a high chance you’ll be spending a lot of time inside in the coming months. We’ll make sure you’re prepared with plenty of game recommendations to get you through it! Oh, did we mention? You won’t have to pay a cent for any of the games on this list if you don’t want to. We know how the microtransactions in a free online game can stall you out and get annoying – fast. Our picks will give you hours and hours of play – even if you never shell out for a single in-game purchase.

The Game: Dragalia Lost

The Platform: iOS, Android

Why It’s Awesome: As the first Nintendo mobile game that isn't a spinoff of an existing franchise, the novelty alone would make this worth a play. The fact that it’s set in a fantasy kingdom coupled with slick controls and action-packed battles is just a bonus. While the game does include paid content, you don’t have to shell out even a dime to have a good time.

The Game: PlanetSide 2

The Platform: PC

Why It’s Awesome: This first-person shooter offers such incredible graphics and gameplay that you’ll have to remind yourself it’s free to play. The action is there, the immersion is there…the only thing missing is the massive price tag. The starter equipment in this game is solid enough that you can absolutely have a great time playing without ever paying for in-game upgrades.

The Game: Fire Emblem Heroes

The Platform: iOS, Android

Why It’s Awesome: Featuring a cast of characters pulled from decades of Fire Emblem games, this tactical role-playing game features a variety of modes and a huge list of characters. Take part in classic turn-based grid battles and unlock new heroes as you go. If you decide you want to upgrade, there are in-app purchases available, but there’s enough free content to keep you busy for a long time.

The Game: Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft

The Platform: iOS, Android, PC

Why It’s Awesome: If you loved collectible card games as a kid, then this is for you. Hearthstone essentially digitizes the collectible card game genre. But what really sets it apart is how approachable it is. The casual visuals and basic rules make it easy to pick up and run with. Most importantly, you can get some really good gameplay without ever having to shell out for in-game extras.

The Game: The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit

The Platform: PC (also available on PS4 and Xbox One)

Why It’s Awesome: Players get the chance to step into the shoes of 9-year-old protagonist Chris and his alter ego, Captain Spirit. It’s a unique game with strong reviews from players. Best of all? This single player adventure game is available to play entirely for free. The only downside is that gameplay is on the shorter side, clocking in at just a few hours – but what a wonderful few hours it is!

Best Online Multiplayer Games to Play for Free

If you’re specifically looking for online multiplayer games, you’re in luck, because there are about a million options to choose from, and plenty of them are free! All that choice can easily turn into overwhelm, but don’t worry – we’ve done all the work for you and have come up with a list of the very best free online multiplayer games to try. If you’re stuck home alone and feeling bored, trying out a free online multiplayer game could be exactly what you need. A little virtual socialization, a little adventure, and suddenly you aren’t bored at all! Even better, all the games on our list are free to play – you won’t need to shell out for costly in-game upgrades to fully enjoy your experience. Check out our picks below!

The Game: Star Wars: The Old Republic

The Platform: PC

Why It’s Awesome: This MMORPG has all the trappings of a classic Star Wars game. The world-building is top-notch and the fleshed-out story gives you Light Side and Dark Side choices. Plus, the game lets you interact with other players while still fully exploring your character’s story. While there is a paid option, you don’t have to worry about missing out if you want to play Star Wars: The Old Republic for free – both paid and free players get full access to all story content and levels.

The Game: RuneScape

The Platform: PC

Why It’s Awesome: This MMORPG is a classic for a reason. It’s huge, it’s constantly being updated, and it provides an ever-evolving world to explore. The game offers multiple challenges as well as fighting, quests, and mini games to keep you busy. While there is a paid version that boasts a larger map and access to additional skills, we think the free content is pretty impressive all on its own.

The Game: Paladins

The Platform: PC (Also available on PS4, Switch, and Xbox One)

Why It’s Awesome: This multiplayer shooter has a colorful, cheerful aesthetic that is sure to brighten your day. Cartoonish in the best way possible, it’s chock full of cutesy shooting noises and nostalgic-looking maps. But its best feature is right there in its setup: multiple characters are unlocked right from the start, so you’ll get plenty of choices without having to pay for in-game purchases.

The Game: EVE: Online

The Platform: PC

Why It’s Awesome: This space business and battle sim is immersive, huge, and popular for a reason. The free version that’s available online works sort of like an unlimited free trial. While some aspects are off limits to players unless they pay a monthly fee, so many skills are accessible for free – including mining, piracy, manufacturing, trading, exploring, and combat – that you won’t even notice.

The Game: Genshin Impact

The Platform: iOS, Android, and PC (also available on PS4 and Switch)

Why It’s Awesome: This open-world RPG includes a great storyline but also encourages exploration of the stunning, vast world of Teyvat. While it’s not a traditional MMO, you can play with up to three friends in co-op mode. It’s in equal turns exciting and relaxing. Genshin Impact is definitely a different type of free-to-play game than a lot of us are used to – and we think that’s a great thing!

So, what do you think of our list of free online games? Do you enjoy gaming on your PC or smartphone, or do you prefer to stick to consoles? If you like online games, did your favorite make our list? We hope you’ll get a chance to check out some of our top picks! Let us know what you think in the comments below.